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         [1] In these two words, "emanate" and "Maker", reside the very key to the fundamental difference between Theosophy and all religions - including the religion called materialism. According to both religion and materialism, man has a "maker;" (and) in all common justice as well as common sense, this absolves him from either moral responsibility, or the consequences of the nature put into him. Man is never "created or "made. " He is a compound of emanations, self -evolved from the Absolute under powers and drives inherent in himself. He is his own "Maker," and absolutely responsible for his fate. Materialism merely substitutes a combination of blind forces for "god" as the "Maker;" an equally vicious proposition. The introduction of such notions and terminology into what is supposed to be Theosophy was a red-flag warning of the nature of the Leadbeater conspiracy. (V.E.)

         [2] It is true that a man could theoretically sort out and cast away the accrued errors of each of these religions, and still hang on to some remnant of pure Theosophy in them without having recourse to wider teachings from elsewhere. But to call himself a Christian or Mohammedan (Buddhism can be partially excepted) to his fellows of that faith, because of that pitiful salvage recognized by them as their own, would certainly cause them to call him a contemptible hypocrite if they knew his real views. In our opinion, one of the worst kinds of deceit is knowingly to call oneself by a name having a specific meaning to others, and quite a different one to oneself. (V.E.)

        [3] At that time, Krishnamurti was being readied, as a boy, for becoming the "vehicle" of Maitreya Buddha, the "Coming Christ."  He detected the folly of himself and broke with the Theosophical Movement at a later date. He now pursues a kind of unclassifiable mysticism. (V.E.) (Krishnamurti died in 1986)

       [4] On the influence of conventional religion being positive in nature, we find in The Mahatma Letters: "...the 'Ma-Mo Chohans'... are the gods the Hindus and Christians and Mahomed and all others of bigoted religions and sects worship; and so long as their influence is upon their devotees we would no more think of associating with or counteracting them in their work than we do the Red-Caps... the Ma-Mos are the personification in nature of Shiva, Jehovah and other invented monsters with Ignorance at their tail." (p. 463, #134)

         [5] Chief among said "assailants" being this same "shortsighted" H. P. Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Movement. (V.E.) Originally Besant completely ignored The Mahatma Letters (0. E. Library Critic, Sept., 1928) and Leadbeater referred to it as "that abominable book". (American Theosophist, Dec., 1964, p. 290)

          Further on "Vicarious Atonement,"  Blavatsky Theosophy holds that every action produces its unavoidable results for gods, men, or motes and that there is no way of avoiding the repercussions eventually of evil actions. H. N. Stokes in his 0. E. Library Critic (May, 1927) writes: "Leadbeater told us that sin is a 'twist in the ether' (Theosophist September, 1917), which will automatically straighten itself in time, but cannot be corrected by any effort of the sinner himself; only a priest, by the use of the ceremonials peculiar to the church can rectify it. Here we have a flat contradiction of the doctrine of Karma, a basic principle of Theosophy. He further announced that 'power', or what Christians call 'the grace of God', is something which no one can secure by his own efforts or worthiness, but that priest of 'apostolic succession' can secure it for him by muttering certain prescribed incantations by which an astral pipe is run up, and 'Christ himself', standing at the top pours the force or grace down through it, with the aid of an assisting angel. From the priest it is sprinkled over the congregation and even over the surrounding country for miles around - a sort of theosophical April shower, wetting alike the just and the unjust. This force or grace of God he described as a sort of electricity which could be stored in reservoirs and liquified and distilled in a suitably constructed still, and so gross was the picture he drew of it that one might expect it to be bottled and served from door to door like the morning milk (Theosophist, April, 1920, pages 55-63)."

           [6] They were indeed established by "Occultists" of no mean ability; and the results were and are powerful indeed, as exemplified by the life-long hypnosis of Annie Besant expressed thus. What kind of Occultists, and what kind of results, is the question. (V.E.)

          [7] According to Blavatsky Theosophy, we are only about 5000 years into the kali-yuga which lasts 432,000 years. The seventh race is millions of years away.

          [8] If one were to heed the maunderings of Neo-Theosophists, the human mind developed more in their ranks in twenty years than in a million among the poor simple Mahatmas. (V.E.)

          [9] While perhaps not what HPB is referring to, Plasma - the fourth state of matter - has been discovered by science since HPB's time. It is gaseous in some properties, but "elementally disassociated" into ions and with different properties than gas in other aspects. Also "dark matter" of unknown properties is postulated by science to explain certain gravitational effects observed.

          [10] Haley's Comet has different proportions of isotopes of carbon than found on earth. (see Canadian Theosophist, May-June '89) The moon's proportionality of different elements is very different from the earth. It has virtually no water in any form - not even locked in minerals as earth rocks do - high proportionality of uranium and rare earths, and specific density only about 60% of the earth. This fits the Blavatsky assertion that the moon is a disintegrating and dried-out shell.

       [11] This seems to correspond with the recently proposed "dark matter" of science which is held to infill much of space and be more prevalent than other forms of matter.

        [12] All this is simply the original crude nebular theory of La Place, now as dead in science as in real Theosophy. We have had a Leadbeater addict tell us that precisely one of the reasons for his faith in Leadbeater was his consistency with science. Naturally one is consistent with a book from which one swipes whole pages. But poor outmoded H.P.B. won out. No scientist today will unqualifiedly endorse any extant theory of the origin of planets or solar system. (V.E.)

             [13] One can see that a few decades after Blavatsky's death, there remained little relationship to her terms and meaning.

          [14] The subtle bodies exist on completely different planes of consciousness and perception from the "aura" seen by clairvoyants. Atma throws no direct form of radiance on the level of the aura, being too far removed from this coarse astral level.

          [15] There can be no "higher" aspects of the monad - which is tautology. All its attributes or manifestations are "below" or manifestations of it - which is why it is called a "monad".

         [16] The term "mental body" thus used makes no sense. During life an aspect of Manas becomes attached to the material universe and functions as "Kama-manas." At death - unless the being has become soulless, which is another matter - this aspect of Manas is withdrawn into its Primary and the "shell" or Kama-rupa (combination of the Kama and part of the astral body) separates out and disintegrates as an entity. There is temporarily a "Kama-body;" but the only "mental" body is the "Causal" from which material mind emerges and to which it returns. (V.E.) The dregs or purely material-oriented part of manas disintegrates in the kama-loka.

           [17] The "desire elemental" is not the "astral body. " It is not a form or body at all, but a principle - Kama. (V.E.)

         [18] The true teaching is that normally the astral body moves little if at all away from the physical in sleep. Moreover, a withdrawal merely into the astral body would mean a sleeping existence only of dreams and nightmares. (V.E.)

           [19] This "special creation" idea for an explanation of things is at base a Christian doctrine. Theosophy has a more rational explanation in that it is acquired ability through previous incarnations as well as development of sensitivity to the higher nature, which also is the result of effort and a moral life. Blavatsky writes: "...the presence in man of various creative powers - called genius in their collectivity - is due to no blind chance, to no innate qualities through hereditary tendencies... but to an accumulation of individual antecedent experiences of the Ego in its preceding life, and lives. " (Blavatsky Collected Writings XII, p. 17) Each person creates himself through effort and experience. Shakespeare created himself and earned his abilities.

              [20] In original Theosophy, the nature-spirits are lower in evolution than the minerals, plants, animals, or humans, or the highest in the series - the Dhyan Chohans. There are three kingdoms of elementals before the mineral stage. Some nature-spirits are powerful natural forces but unselfconscious. Original Theosophy holds that there is only one course of evolution, let alone six. Everything passes through the same, identical stages. In a cosmos that is constructed in a certain way, how can any being evolve except according to how that cosmos is constructed? The Neo-Theosophical scheme is not rational, but appealing as a fairytale.

         [21] The "Sons of Mind" or "Manasaputras" as Blavatsky calls these beings superior to us in evolution, did not give a "monadic spark" to incipient mankind because it already had this. Mankind had the mind-principle or manas, but it was latent and would have taken aeons to develop on its own. What the "Sons of Mind" did was to inflame or awaken man's latent mentality, much as one flame lights another.

           [22] Because it was a Western invention with no truth in it. There are real "invisible helpers," but they are Adepts and they do not work in the crude ways described by Leadbeater. (V.E.) In original Theosophy "spirit guide" or astral communications are portrayed as being almost always false, the result of astral shells of the dead, elementaries, elementals and other sources. Just because something is invisible, it is no guarantee of good intentions or moral or spiritual superiority. The lower astral is the sewer for the worse of human emotions and thoughts. As for "astral helpers", "astral masters" and the like, K.H. writes in the Mahatma Letters (#8): "...ninety-nine hundredths of supposed spiritual communications, are, prima facie false."

        [23] On this fundamental matter, HPB claims we sleep because of too much vitality, or that the body has to rest and regain its resistance to Nature's vital influx, while Leadbeater states we sleep because of too little vitality. Leadbeater is describing vampirism.

          [24] This section represents the same kind of political compromise with spiritualism that Leadbeater made with Christianity via the "Liberal Catholic Church." (V.E.)

          [25] The "happiness" of astral life, for the living who open the door, is the deadly "bliss" of the opium-smoker - the "Lower Iddhi" under each blossom of which a serpent is coiled. For the dead who is conscious at all in it, it is either the hell of Kama Loka or the hideous vicarious satiations of passion through mediumism. The Mahatma Letters should be studied in this connection. (V.E.)

           [26] Here the basic idea is correct, but the "fifth subdivision" as used has no authentic warrant. (V.E.)

          [27] This "permanent atom" is one of the most interesting inventions of Leadbeater. But it is an invention pure and simple (V.E.)

          Original Theosophical doctrines hold that nothing is "permanent" in Nature, and especially illusive on the physical and astral levels. Blavatsky wrote: "It is on the doctrine of the illusive nature of matter, and the infinite divisibility of the atom, that the whole science of Occultism is built. " (SD I, p. 520) The prevalent idea in Blavatsky's time of scientists was that of the irreducible "billiard ball" model of the atom.

          [28] This is really materializing things. (V.E.) Leadbeater/Besant obviously got themselves into a corner here as parts of their fantasy-scheme didn't match up. It doesn't matter how "minute" something is, it can't change the laws of nature and exist on the wrong plane of being.

        [29] H.P.B. certainly does throw out a hint but note the complete passage in the opposite column [page] from which the footnote referred to was taken and compare them. (V.E.) This is all a muddle. Which SD edition Besant refers to is uncertain. See BCW V, pp. 109-117, or Five Years of Theosophy (Theosophy Company) pp. 531-539, for the complete article referred to - neither article agreeing with the other in wording, punctuation, etc..

        [30] On the record, this is utter nonsense - or a flat lie. (V.E.)

         [31] This footnote in the original Voice was deleted from TPH/Quest editions for many years along with hundreds of other alterations. See Eclectic Theosophist 3/15/72, #9, pp. 2-3 I believe it is now included in the current edition.

          [32] This "meditation", as revealed in Gregory Tillet's The Elder Brother biography of Leadbeater, is a debased sexual tantric practice, and as such and among else could not have been recommended by a genuine white adept. Such practices are a means of lower black magic. (see chart opposite BCW XII, p. 524)

         [33] The point at hand is also not who has the truth, because many may not have put effort to determine an answer one way or another, but that Leadbeater/Besant represent a forgery in claiming to represent the same Theosophy that Blavatsky did. There is a technical Theosophy with specific doctrines and a more generic "theosophy" that is roughly genuine mysticism and altruism. Modern Theosophists take refuge in ignoring that there was a definite technical Theosophy presented by Blavatsky, and thus only acknowledge the generic mystical definition. Adept K.H. writes in the Mahatma Letters: "Our doctrine knows no compromises. It either affirms or denies, for it never teaches but that which it knows to be the truth." (p. 52, #10)

      Whether Leadbeater and Besant were genuine mystics and not self-deluded psychics is another question but it is clearly dishonest to ride on the shirttails of original Theosophy by calling a contradictory system by the same name. Many, many have doubtless been turned away from genuine Theosophy after being exposed to the obvious gibberish of "Leadbeaterism" and not being aware of the difference.