Esoteric Buddhism by A.P. Sinnett Esoteric Buddhism
by A.P. Sinnett  

1883.  281 pp.  $12.00, paperback.

In the early 1880s A.P. Sinnett corresponded with the Mahatmas Koot Hoomi and Morya.   In these letters the Masters gave Sinnett the basic ideas of Theosophy on the Constitution of Man; the Planetary Chain; the World Periods; Life after death in Devachan and Kama Loka;  the Progress of Humanity; Buddha; and Nirvana. In 1883  Mr. Sinnett wrote Esoteric Buddhism based on his understanding of these teachings. This classic was the first simple exposition of Theosophy in modern times. 

1884 online version of Esoteric Buddhism

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