Exploring Reincarnation:  The Classic Guide to the Evidence for Past-Life Experiences
by Hans Tendam  

Table of Contents

         Foreword by Colin Wilson ix
         Preface to the new revised & updated 2003 edition: the origin and aim of this book xiii
1 Ideas about reincarnation
1 (17)
Seven sources of modern belief in reincarnation
The reincarnation hypothesis compared with other concepts
Provisional conclusions
Further reading
2 Historical beliefs in reincarnation
18 (24)
Primitive cultures
Eastern religions
The classical cultures
Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Gnostic, mystic and esoteric movements
Modern Western history
Provisional overview
Further reading
3 Esotericists on reincarnation
42 (25)
The higher and lower self: individuality and personality
From death to rebirth
Intermission and change of gender
Past-life recall
The evolution of humankind
Between death and rebirth
Intermission and change of gender
Karmic patterns
Past-life recall
Reincarnation and karma in societal development
Other esotericists
Further reading
4 Psychic information about past lives
67 (26)
Past-life memories and psychic abilities
People with psychic impressions of their own past lives
Psychic information about past lives of others
Discarnates about reincarnation
Announcements of rebirth
Obsessions and reincarnation
Allan Kardec
Edgar Cayce
The Loehr--Daniels readings
Ruth Montgomery and Jane Roberts
Further reading
5 Young children who remember previous lives
93 (16)
The life work of Ian Stevenson
Children in the West who remember past lives
Statistics about child cases
Further reading
6 Past-life recall of adults
109 (13)
Recognition of places at first sight
Recognition of people at first sight
Recollection in dreams
Recollection triggered by objects, pictures or books
Recollection triggered by similar situations
Recollection under extraordinary circumstances
Adult recollections: a summary
Further reading
7 Regression: induced memories of past lives
122 (28)
Reliving and regression
Hypnosis and trance in regressions
Reliving and regression induced by magnetism
Past-life recall induced by imagination or focusing
Other entries to past lives
The past-life memory
Do-it-yourself methods
Further reading
8 New Age explorations of previous lives
150 (14)
New Age: unleashing the intuition
Unbounded visualisations
Famous past lives and ingathering
Channelled past lives
All fuses blown
9 Investigating apparent memories
164 (33)
Alternative explanations of past-life recall
Demonstrating reincarnation in specific cases, testing dubious episodes
Demonstrating reincarnation
Research into the nature of past-life memory
Identification procedures
Suggestions for further research
Further reading
10 Experiences before and during birth
197 (29)
Preparing for rebirth
The descent and pregnancy; birthmarks
The birth
The moment of birth and the natal chart; karmic astrology
The newborn; infancy
Prebirth attraction
Receiving or rejecting the newborn
Further reading
11 The death experience and beyond
226 (22)
What happens when you die?
Crookall's work
Past-life memories of dying
The role of intermission in the reincarnation cycle
Further reading
12 The distant past, the future, pre-human and non-human experiences
248 (23)
Evolutionary patterns of souls
Non-human lifetimes; identification instead of reincarnation
Progressions to the future
Provisional conclusions
Further reading
13 Karmic and dharmic connections between lifetimes
271 (34)
Natural and moral interpretations of karma
Four patterns
Retention: continuity through lifetimes
Repercussion: undigested after-effects from previous lives
Fruition: the fruits of experiences and activities in next lifetimes
Overview on causal connections
Evolution, education and self-development; development aims
Development stages and development disorders
Psychological and educational connections between lives
Free choice: suspension, selection, preference and mission
Freedom and arbitrariness
Life plan and course of life; three reincarnation patterns
Further reading
14 The soul and its personalities
305 (20)
Identity as self-image
Pathological self-images
Our discarnate identity, larger self and life plan
The reality of personalities from past lives; pseudo-obsessions and obsessions
The appearance of personalities during regressions
Parallel personalities
A preliminary summary
Further reading
15 An empirical vision of reincarnation
325 (20)
General ideas about reincarnation
Similarities and differences between lives
The process of incarnation
Memories and regressions
Recommended reading
16 Past-life therapy
345 (15)
Indications and counter indications
Five different schools of past-life therapy
Further reading
Epilogue: Reincarnation and the art of living
360 (8)
The main insights deriving from reincarnation
Recommendations deriving from reincarnation insights
Further reading
         Glossary 368 (16)
         Bibliography 384 (25)
         General index 409 (10)
         Index of names 419