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The Book of Dzyan Research Reports

by David Reigle
Eastern Tradition Research Institute
3185 Boyd Rd
Cotopaxi CO 81223 USA

The Book of Dzyan is the name given by H.P. Blavatsky to the secret source of the stanzas given in her book The Secret Doctrine.  David Reigle's research on the Book of Dzyan attempts to trace its ideas to known sources.  The purpose of this is to lead towards the eventual discovery of an original manuscript of The Book of Dzyan.

The four online articles below, along with ten other related articles, may be found in Blavatsky's Secret Books by David and Nancy Reigle.  This title is published by Wizards Bookshelf.  See ordering information below.


Technical Terms in Stanza I

Theosophy in Tibet:
The Teachings of the Jonangpa School

Technical Terms in Stanza II

The Doctrine of Svabhava or Svabhavata
and the Questions of Anatman and Shunyata

Blavatsky's Secret Books:
Twenty Years' Research
by David and Nancy Reigle.
181 pages, 1999

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