Brigitte Muehlegger on the Ooton Liatto Case [Case A]

On the Universal Seekers forum, Brigitte Muehlegger once wrote:

"And unfortunately for Olcott Blavatsky didn't either, she clearly wrote about Olcott's Master fantasies to Hartmann: 'Where you speek of the army of deluded-and the imaginary Mahatmas of Olcott-you are absolutely and sadly right. Have I not strug[g]led and fought against Olcott's ardent and gushing imagination, and tried to stop him every day of my life?' (Blavatsky,"The Path" March 1896,p.368)"  Quoted from Universal Seekers Message

Later Muehlegger clarified the above statement:

"As an example of the 'story's' and 'fantasies' of Olcott I was of course reffering to things like the rain in Olcott's apartment . . . , the materialized flowers and so on. That there where real visitors, that even could be called 'adepts', as long [as] one clarifies what is me[a]nt by 'adepts', and w[h]ich 'masonic order' in this case they belonged to, I have never doubted . . . . " Bold added.  See Case A where H.S. Olcott is visited by Ooton Liatto and another adept.  Quoted from Theos-Talk Message

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