Paul Johnson's Assessment of the Ooton Liatto Account [Case A]
Given by Henry S. Olcott

(1) ". . . in May 1875, HPB's scrapbook noted that Hilarion and a companion ‘passed thro[ough] New York & Boston, thence thro[ough] California and Japan back.’. . .A recent discovery by Joscelyn Godwin provides intriguing evidence for the visit to New York by Hilarion mentioned in HPB's diary in 1875....A letter from Olcott...describes meeting an adept [Ooton Liatto and another adept] 433 West 34th Street."

". . . The names Ooton Liatto and Hilarion Smerdis have been equally impossible to find in biographical and historical reference books. While both may be pseudonyms, there is little doubt that two real adepts visited Olcott in New York."

(2) ". . . To cite a story without comment is not to endorse its accuracy, and I have strong doubts about rain being made to fall inside a room. I would presume, however, that Olcott really met two men, one of them at least a Cypriot, and wrote about it to C.C. Massey. Beyond that, one can only guess what might have really happened during the visit and what role Olcott's suggestibility may have played. . . . "

(3) ". . . the Ooton Liatto case . . . is much more clearly one of physically present people conversing with Olcott. . . ."

Bold has been added to Johnson's statements.

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