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The Theosophist Society

To The Editor, The "Bombay Gazette."

by P.D. Henderson

[Reprinted from The Bombay Gazette, November 1, 1880, p.3.]

[The writer of this letter, Major Phillip D. Henderson, was a witness to Madame Blavatsky's occult production of the famous "cup and saucer" at a picnic in Simla, India.   See A.P. Sinnett's account for details of the picnic;  see also Colonel Olcott's account.   Sinnett mentions in his account that "[Mr. Henderson] afterwards changed his mind about the satisfactory character of the cup phenomenon." --- BAO Editor.]


Sir,---Your issue of the 13th instant contains a letter signed by Colonel Olcott, President of the Theosophical Society, who makes a most unjustifiable use of my name in a gratuitous advertisement of his society. It would appear from his letter, as if I had in my official capacity promised aid and countenance to the society. Nothing could have been further from my intention, and Colonel Olcott has entirely misconstrued some expressions of courtesy used in private conversation.

As his offence has been followed up by a letter to another Bombay paper, in which liberties are again taken with my name, I think it as well to mention, for the information of my friends, that I am not a theosophist, nor a believer in the phenomena of theosophy, which I entirely discredit. Neither have I any intention of furthering the objects of the society, officially or privately, directly or indirectly.

Yours, &c.,
P. D. H

SIMLA, 25th October.