Helena Blavatsky.  Edited and introduced by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke.

"Blavatsky's collected writings offer a treasure trove of material bearing on her travels and experiences, her mediumistic talent, the growth of her religious worldview, the nature of the masters (Mahatmas) in Tibet, and the origin of the Theosophical Society, its doctrines and personalities. In addition, her major works Isis Unveiled (1877), The Secret Doctrine (1888), and The Voice of the Silence (1889) document her enormous engagement with ancient and modern authorities in her tireless pursuit of answers regarding man's spiritual life and purpose."

A volume in the
Western Esoteric Masters Series

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A volume in the Western Esoteric Masters Series:

Helena Blavatsky
Edited and introduced by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke

Just published by North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California, USA
$14.95, paperback, xii + 220 pp. (ISBN: 155643457X)

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This volume introduces Helena Blavatsky to the student and general reader by means of a concise anthology of her writings.

An extended introductory essay on her life and work is followed by readings from Blavatsky's extensive writings with editorial commentary. 

For an overview, see Table of Contents below.

Introduction:  H.P. Blavatsky and Theosophy [pp. 1-20]

Part One: The Western Esoteric Tradition [Anthology pp. 21-118]
Chapter 1      From Spiritualism to Occultism
Chapter 2     Ancient Wisdom Rediscovered
Chapter 3     Secret Brotherhoods
Chapter 4     Oriental Kabbalah
Chapter 5     Mesmerism and Magic
Chapter 6     Hermetic Philosophers and Rosicrucians

Part Two: Theosophy [Anthology pp. 119-205]
Chapter 7     Buddhism and Brahmanism
Chapter 8     Cosmogony
Chapter 9     Macrocosm and Microcosm
                          (i) The Hierarchical Structure and Government of the Cosmos
                          (ii) The Septenary Constitution of Man and Cosmos
                          (iii) Correspondences
Chapter 10  Evolution
Chapter 11  Personal Growth and Devotion
                           (i) Spiritual Guidance
                           (ii) Meditation
                           (iii) Devotional Works

Bibliography [pp. 207-213]
Index [pp. 215-220]