Chart Showing the 4 Step Process of Discovery as applied to Case A

What is your interpretation of Olcott's testimony about this encounter with this Master?

Step 1
experience, phenomenon
Step 2
Hypotheses, possible explanations for experience
Step 3
Evidence (collected & analyzed)
Step 4
Interpreting and drawing conclusions
"...I was reading in my room yesterday (Sunday) when there came a tap at the door---I said 'come in' and there entered the
[younger] Bro[ther] with another dark skinned gentleman of about fifty....We took cigars and chatted for a while....[Then
Olcott relates that a rain shower started in the room. Olcott continues the account:] They sat there and quietly smoked their cigars, while mine became too wet to burn....finally the younger of the two (who gave me his name as Ooton Liatto) said I
needn't worry nothing would be damaged....[Olcott also relates at this point that several other phenomena occurred.  Olcott then continues the account:] I asked Liatto if he knew Madam B[lavatsky]....the elder Bro[ther]...[said] that with her permission they would call upon her. I ran downstairs---rushed into Madams parlour---and---there sat these same two identical men smoking with her and chatting....I said nothing but rushed up stairs again tore open my door and---the men were not there---I ran down again, they had disappeared--- I . . . looked out the window---and saw them turning the corner...." [A fuller account is given at Henry S. Olcott's Account of Meeting Ooton Liatto.  A complete transcript of Olcott's account is given in the January 1994 issue of Theosophical History.]

1.  Olcott perhaps was simply lying and this whole experience never actually happened.
2.  Olcott was possibly duped by a confederate hired by Blavatsky to personate a Master.
3.  Olcott was perhaps hypnotized by Blavatsky to see this "imaginary" adept.
4.  Olcott was maybe under the influence of drugs &  hallucinated the whole experience.
5. Olcott possibly met a real physical man who was an adept.
6.  ??????????
7.  ??????????

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