Chart Showing the Four Step Process of Discovery as applied to Case C

What is your interpretation of Olcott's testimony about this encounter with this Master?

Step 1
experience, phenomenon
Step 2
Hypotheses, possible explanations for experience
Step 3
Evidence (collected & analyzed)
Step 4
Interpreting and drawing conclusions
Olcott writes that on August 4, 1880:

". . . a Mahatma visited H.P.B., and I was called in to see him before he left.   He dictated a long and important letter to an influential friend of ours at Paris, and gave me important hints about the management of current Society affairs. I left him [the Mahatma] sitting in H.P.B.'s room...." [Old Diary Leaves, Volume II, 1972 printing, p. 208]

Olcott's actual handwritten diary for August 4, 1880 reads:

"M [orya] here this evening & wrote to Fauvety of Paris. He says 5000 English troops killed in Afghanistan in the recent battle.

1.  Olcott perhaps was simply lying and this whole experience never actually happened.
2.  Olcott was possibly duped by a confederate hired by Blavatsky to personate a Master.
3.  Olcott was perhaps hypnotized by Blavatsky to see this "imaginary" adept.
4.  Olcott was maybe under the influence of drugs &  hallucinated the whole experience.
5. Olcott possibly met a real physical man who was an adept.
6.  ??????????
7.  ??????????
  Conclusion ??????:

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