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Sacred Traditions, Art and Cosmology

The "Art and Imagination" Series

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Tantra:   The Indian Cult of Ecstasy
by Philip Rawson

Paperback, 128 pp
190 illustrations, 32 in colour
The Temple:
Meeting Place of Heaven and Earth

by John M. Lundquist

Paperback, 96 pp
Time:   Rhythm and Repose
by Marie-Louise von Franz

Paperback, 96 pp
143 illustrations, 16 in colour
Tree of Life: Image for the Cosmos
by Roger Cook

Paperback, 128 pp

"The spherical vortex,
spiralling through its own
centre is perpetually turning
in on itself, expanding and contracting,
and has an interchangeable centre and
circumference, it combines the inward
and outward direction of movement and has neither beginning or end -- it is the stable
form of flow created in water and air."
Jill Purce, The Mystic Spiral
Twins and the Double
by John Lash

Paperback, 96 pp
Zen: Direct Pointing to Reality
by Anne Bancroft

Paperback, 96 pp
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